Sutherland Springs, Texas

Situated half a mile north of the Cibolo Creek, and half a mile south of the now abandoned San Antonio and Gulf Shore Railroad, sits the remainder of 1920’s Sutherland Springs. All that’s left of the town is three buildings: the movie theater, the bank, and the saloon.

Structural integrity

The bank still has the framework in fairly good condition. The bank is made out of concrete walls construction with wood beams inlaid for support. Half of the wood inserts have rotted out. Some of the white plaster wall coat is intact inside the bank vault. Only half the perimeter walls of the saloon are intact. Sadly, one more section of the saloon wall fell some time in early 2015, some time since the last time we were there. The rest of the saloon walls are structurally weak and leaning. The movie theater building is on private property and could not be studied in detail, however, appears to be in the best condition of the three and the roof has not yet collapsed.


There are graffiti marks in the mortar as well as some spray paint in the vault of the bank. Overall, it has minimal damage.

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